Automotive industry

The typical uses of compressed air in automotive manufacturing include
  • Air operated robots
  • Plasma cutting & welding to help speed & reliability
  • Air tools are preferred to electronic tools because they are light C& easy to use
  • Breathing Air filters to increase air quality
Compressed air is used to form a critical vehicle component such as stamping door panels & trunks
Result of contaminants in compressed air during manufacturing
As per ISO 8573, compressed air has following contaminants
  • Oil
  • Water/moisture
  • Dust
Contaminated compressed air can badly affect the automotive operations as below:
  • Damage equipment
  • Cause costly equipment replacement
  • Expensive downtime during manufacturing
  • Prevent paint adhesion to surfaces
  • Paint to be crack, flake or bead
  • Create future corrosion on the final finish on a car
  • Dust in air can cause clog nozzles
  • Wastage of costly man hour/Energy.
  • Increase in valves/cylinders spares inventory.
  • Delayed production can cause delayed delivery & harm the business.


Drytech always ensure application-based quality of air offering best solution to the customers need. Drytech provides solution for the automotive industry with below products
HD series offers quality class of air. The usage of filtered, dry air as per ISO recommendations results in reduced wear and tear, increased machine uptime, lower rejections, better product quality.
It gives oil, moisture & dust particle free air, which results in Save in Energy.
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