Pharmaceutical Industry

Compressed air in pharmaceutical industry for following operations:
  1. Tablet coating
  2. Process air instruments
  3. Tablet packaging and bottling etc.
  4. Also used for breathing air, equipment’s and instruments.
  5. Air jet grinding
Result of contaminants in compressed air for different pharmaceutical operations:
The contaminants in compressed air in pharma includes dust particles; micro-organisms, water droplets and oil.These contaminants and germ free environment is first need of pharmaceutical industry.
Contaminated compressed air can adversely affect the pharmaceutical industry as below:
  1. Microbial and bacterial growth on products and equipment’s.
  2. Contaminants can accumulate on manufactured products.
  3. Hazardous consequences to consumer health like –
    • Corrosion particles landing on sterile implant or medicine.
    • Exposure to or ingestion of hydrocarbons.
  4. Corrode pipes causing blockages and reduces the life of filters, drains and machinery in plants.
  5. Increased energy and cost of operation.


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