Refrigerated Air Dryer

We the team of ‘Pneumatic engineers, from”Drytech” offers RD Series refrigerated drying unit can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification recommended to various applications.

Exessive leakages in compressed air piping or/Sluggish pneumatic tools/machines operation, Malfunctioning of precious pneumatic instruments etc…are unlimited problems faced by compressed air users in industries.

The root causes of these problems are moisture, oil and dust particles in compressed air.

Selection Criteria:

It will be advisable to select dryer in following manner
  • As per ISO 8573.1 for various applications
  • Eco friendly refigerant
  • Easily available spare parts at affordable cost with service
  • Based on proper flow,pressure and temperature basis for better efficiency.

The compressed air enters into Compact, highly, efficient corrugated fin & tube 3 in 1 type heat exchanger, where Compressed air is cooled by refrigerant cycle upto +3°c.

At this temperature oil and moisture from vapour form converts into liquid form and is separates by in-built moisture separator.The separated oil and moisture accumulated in sump is effectively drained off by automatic drain valve.

further air is filtered by outlet fine filter combination and dry air is delivered to downstream applications.
The quality of air delivered to downstream applications will be as per ISO specifications.

Salient Features :​
  • Compact and Suitable for indian atmospheric conditions.
  • Complete dryer operation overview through front panel display.
  • Inlet / outlet digital Compressed air temp indication as an option.
  • Least pressure drop.
  • Adopted enviorment friendly refrigerant system.
  • Reliable, automatic drain valve with by pass arrangement.
  • Compact design with maintenance friendly work man ship. 
  • Eco friendly design.
  • Compact/space saving design.
ModelCapacityMax.Op.PressureAir Conn. (Type/Size)
M3/hrcfmkg /cm2
RD004-A21212515BSPT(F)1 ½”
RD004V-A25515015BSPT(F)1 ½”
RD007-A34020015BSPT(F)1 ½”
RD007V-A42525015BSPT(F)1 ½”
RD010-A51030015Flgd 2″
RD011V-A59535015Flgd 2″
RD015-A76545015Flgd 2″
RD018-A/W93555015Flgd 2 ½”
RD021V-A/W110565015Flgd 2 ½”
RD025-A/W127575015Flgd 2 ½”
RD030-A/W153090015Flgd 3″
RD033V-A/W1700100015Flgd 3″
RD037-A/W1870110015Flgd 3″
RD040-A/W2040120015Flgd 4″
RD050-A/W2550150015Flgd 4″
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    Performance Data Based On Design Data

    Data for the dryers above 1100 cfm are available on request. *FAD based on 45°C inlet temperature and 40°C ambient temperature at 7 kg/cm2 operating pressure. Pressure dew point (+)3°C to(+)7°C  Water cooled models starting from 550 cfm and above are available on request. Due to continuous engineering improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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